Carolyn L Barnett has retired, finally!

From Willow Glen to Cal Poly and then from Square D to Intel, and mostly living in the San Francisco Bay Area back then, I am now living in the Sierra Foothills near Placerville, CA.  Mostly loving it except when it's really REALLY hot.  Hate that.  

Below is a pic I took of the nearby So. Fork of the American River at Greenwood Creek.  It was early May and much MUCH cooler.  Love that. 


Professional Artist, 1995 and on, I got my first commission and began drawing people's pets.  Any non-commissioned drawings were quickly snatched up by my family.  

I don't do much drawing anymore but below is some of my artwork.  


I was a Professional Administrative Assistant in Silicon Valley high-tech.   However, below is a low-tech pic of me on an IBM Selectric at FMC AED in document control in the late 1970's.  Thank God I could type!

(So, here I am, email if you like.  And yes, after seeing this close-up of myself in 2014 I decided to start coloring my hair blonde again.  What the heck!)

A Springer Spaniel, Pomeranian, Mule Deer and a Lion in colored pencil.  I was fortunate enough to be born with this God-given talent and able to enjoy it just a little bit.

Me, below, in 1999, looking a little more high-tech and, yes, there really was a Y2K and I helped fix a small part of it while working at LifeScan.